Jan 22 - 26

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Do you want to master the art of gracefully raising Autistic and ADHD kids?

✔️  Decode your child's behavior to understand their needs
✔️  Break free from outdated parenting patterns that don’t work
✔️  Learn how to respond effectively, instead of reacting emotionally
✔️  Reshape your parental approach and advocate for your ND kids

$299 value for FREE!

Learn the 3-step process that has helped hundreds of families with neurodivergent kids achieve emotional regulation, build skills for sustaining relationships, and implement lifelong strategies without shame or reprimand. 

And immediately receive my free ebook: 7 Reasons you & your neurodivergent kids experience anxiety and overwhelm… and what to do about it!

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D.P. parent of an ADHD child

"She is a wonderful and warm therapist with a unique approach to children’s therapy via play. Polina has helped with language and behavior and has provided us with tools to make sure our child is successful in all settings. She has an amazing understanding of child development".

Phil & Jen

"Polina works with us on behavior management, impulse control, and executive functioning…just to name a few things. In addition to working directly with our sons, we also do parent sessions as often as possible. Polina is amazing. Her insights are invaluable, and she's always spot-on!"

Colleen, parent of ND twins

"Our daughter Rosie started with Polina at the height of the pandemic. Polina has helped Rosie with frustration tolerance, problem-solving, sensory issues, and coping skills in ways we as parents would never have thought of or schools would not be capable of providing."

"Polina was able to build a strong connection with my child immediately and provided me with tools to be a better parent. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated. I loved that she saw all the positives in my child and genuinely cared about my child thriving."

Parent of an ND child

Learn a Proven Methodology

You can’t afford to miss this bootcamp if…

✔️  You desire to build a stronger, more empathetic connection with your ND child.
✔️  You want to move beyond traditional disciplinary methods that don't work for your child.
✔️  You want to equip yourself with tools to handle transitions and triggers.
✔️ You want to gain knowledge that empowers you to advocate for your ND child.
✔️ You’re seeking research-backed insights to transform your parenting approach.
✔️ You and your ND child are feeling anxious and dysregulated.

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your 3-day schedule

What to Expect

Each day, you'll get a link with simple training materials.
Part 1 and 2 are pre-recorded, for your convenience.
Part 3, is LIVE and includes a Q&A session with Polina Shkadron, a renowned ND child
therapist based in NYC. 

part iii - January 26 - 12 pm ET

Attuning to Your Child's World: Proactive Parenting for ND Kids

  • How attunement shifts your way of thinking
  • Proven formula that will let your child
    know you get it
  • Scripts that you can use to turn a “no”
    into a “yes”
  • Take home reminders for any situations
    that overwhelm

You will also receive a Free Bonus!

Receive immediate access to the ebook 7 Reasons you & your neurodivergent kids experience anxiety & overwhelm… and what to do about it! For quick and actionable insights you can apply to your journey right away!

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PART iI - JAN 24

The Blueprint of ND Child Behaviors

  • What are the most common behaviors and what do they mean
  • What are some hidden behaviors that need to be recognized
  • What is your child trying to tell you at home
  • What is your child trying to tell the school

Breaking Free from Old Parenting Patterns That Don’t Work

  • Misunderstanding a behavior as a purposeful misbehavior
  • Your own thoughts and habits about parenting
  • Listening to other professional who deem your child inappropriate
  • Why are you holding on to ineffective methods


Join the ND child blueprint bootcamp

To help me customize your experience and so that you receive relevant insights, kindly share the information below:

Meet Your Host

Polina Shkadron is a trauma-informed speech-language pathologist, family communication and feeding expert specializing in families living with Autism, ADHD, Language and Literacy difficulties. 

Polina holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Education. Polina has coached hundreds of ND families over the past decade in her successful practice in NYC. Polina has been honored with four ACE awards from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association for her dedication to learning.

“My approach is unique in that I use the latest play and brain-based research to foster understanding and deeper connections, laying the foundational principles of healthy development. The secret to happier ND families is to promote self-efficacy in both the parents and the children.” - Polina

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Is the ND Child Blueprint suitable for parents new to ADHD or Autism?


Yes! The ND Child Blueprint is designed to be accessible and informative for parents at any stage of their journey. Whether you're new to understanding ADHD or Autism or have been navigating this path for a while, our program offers valuable insights and practical strategies that can make a significant difference in your family's life.

I'm worried I won't have enough time to commit to the program. How time-intensive is it?

We understand that parents are often pressed for time. That's why we've structured the ND Child Blueprint to be flexible and manageable. Our pre-recorded sessions allow you to learn at your own pace, and our live session is designed to maximize value in a concise timeframe. You can access the material whenever it fits into your schedule.

Will the strategies taught in the ND Child Blueprint work for my child's specific needs?

Each child is unique, but the principles and strategies we teach are broadly applicable. We focus on understanding and responding to a wide range of behaviors and situations, giving you a toolkit that you can adapt to your child's individual needs and circumstances.

How is the ND Child Blueprint different from other parenting programs?

The ND Child Blueprint is specifically tailored to the needs of Autistic and ADHD children, combining research-backed insights with practical, real-world strategies. Unlike generic parenting programs, our content is designed with the understanding that neurodivergent children require a different approach to parenting.

Will I get an opportunity to interact with experts or other parents during the program?

Yes! Our live session is designed not only for learning but also for interaction. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with other parents who understand your journey. This community aspect is a vital part of the ND Child Blueprint experience.

I'm concerned about privacy. How is my and my child's information handled in this program?

Your privacy and the confidentiality of your child's information are of utmost importance to us. Any information shared within the program is treated with the highest level of discretion. We do not share personal details with third parties, and during interactive sessions, participation in discussions is entirely voluntary. Our platform is secure, ensuring that your experience with the ND Child Blueprint remains private and confidential.

How is the program delivered?

The ND Child Blueprint program consists of two main components:

Pre-recorded Sessions: We have two pre-recorded sessions that you can access at any time. These sessions are designed to be flexible, allowing you to watch and rewatch them according to your own schedule and pace.

Live Training: The live training will take place at 12 PM ET on January 26. If you're unable to attend the live session, don't worry – it will be recorded and made available for replay for 48 hours. This ensures that even if your schedule doesn't align with the live session, you won't miss out on this valuable part of the program.

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