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Revolutionize your approach to raising ND kids with expert-led, strength-based strategies.

Gain the tools, research-backed insight, and support you need to raise your ND kids.

A community for guardians of neurodivergent children

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From Exhausted
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Hi there!

I’m so excited for this offer. Let me tell you a bit about my passion for the ND Collective. I created this community to provide you with the tools, insight and support that you need to gracefully raise your neurodivergent kids.

At my private practice in New York, I’ve helped hundreds of families leverage their children’s strengths instead of focusing on deficits. The results are incredible! When families first come through the doors of my practice, they are filled with uncertainty and desperate for change. They are experiencing their bright, vibrant kids grappling with behaviors that leave them both feeling frustrated and disconnected. 

Ultimately, the pain comes from not knowing, and while families are working incredibly hard to manage daily stressors and navigate the complexities of neurodiversity, the challenges keep coming. With relationships on the brink, parents long for an emotional bond that instills understanding and trust. Let me assure you that this expertly crafted community will give you the empowerment and confidence you’ve been looking for.

You will feel empowered by knowing exactly what works.
You will feel empowered by having access to research-backed tools.
You will feel empowered by a community that brings ND individuals together.

And, you will feel empowered because you’ll be equipped as your child’s strongest advocate.

With love,

Polina Shkadron


Have you been grappling with fear and uncertainty about your child's future, worried they won’t achieve happiness, independence, or success? 

You’re not alone.

Facing the Realities:
The Struggles of Raising Neurodivergent Children

Many parents and guardians face these daunting challenges daily, often compounded by outdated, neurotypical-oriented approaches that fail to recognize the unique strengths of ND children.

What if there was a more effective, empathetic way to raise your neurodivergent child? What if, by making small shifts to how you show up, you can completely alter the way your child responds? You can have a sense of capability and assurance, contributing to a more compelling presence that meets your child exactly where they are.”

Do you find yourself searching endlessly for ways to make those outbursts stop and realizing that ignoring is harming your relationship?

Are you struggling with the overwhelming challenge of raising a neurodivergent child, feeling lost amidst conflicting advice and strategies that just don’t work? 


Revolutionizing Neurodivergence with Expert Guidance and Intentionality

Welcome to The ND Collective:

Immerse yourself in enriching live masterclasses, engage in insightful Q&A sessions, and access a wealth of resources. The community provides an atmosphere of belonging and empathy while fostering a movement that celebrates and harnesses the strengths of neurodiversity. 

Feel more connected and prepared to support your ND child

It is a space that has been crafted for you.

Joining the ND Collective means a sense of belonging in a community that fosters a culture of mutual support and growth. There is a spirit of collaboration where individuals create a dynamic network, sharing experiences, leveraging each other’s strengths, and working together toward a common goal. These connections enhance your own capabilities, creating a more fulfilling parenting experience.

A pioneering initiative led by renowned therapist Polina Shkadron, designed to transform your experience in raising neurodivergent children. 

How does the ND Collective work where other models have failed?

Our approach is rooted in the latest scientific research, combined with Polina Shkadron's extensive expertise in creating an environment where neurodivergent children feel heard. 

Unlike traditional approaches that often overlook the individuality of ND children, the ND Collective emphasizes personalized, adaptable strategies. We integrate cognitive and social-emotional development to ensure that your child’s fundamental skills of problem solving and resilience are acknowledged.

Raise your neurodivergent child with confidence!

Through our masterclasses and resources, you’ll gain a clear, comprehensive understanding of neurodiversity. You'll learn how to identify your child's strengths and tailor your parenting to support their unique development. This pivotal transformation turns confusion into confident decision-making.

No more overwhelm from conflicting advice

Navigating the realm of neurodiverse parenting requires expertise to sift through conflicting advice. Our approach involves delivering well-established strategies, backed by evidence, to guide you effectively. By dispelling common misconceptions and furnishing precise direction, you'll navigate the intricacies of ND parenting.


Lucy Han

"I want to give a shout out to Polina Shkadron. My son is almost 4 with high functioning ASD or just social emotional delay... I [don't] care so much about labels. We started Aiden with Polina back in February 2023 and continued through summer with her social group. He went from a loner to craving for friendship."

Phil & Jen

"Polina works with us on behavior management, impulse control, executive functioning… just to name a few things. In addition to working directly with our sons, we also do parent sessions as often as possible. She has helped us through so many challenges. Her insights are invaluable, and she is always spot on!"

Colleen, parent of ND twins

"Polina has helped Rosie with frustration tolerance, problem solving, sensory issues and coping skills. It is also incredibly helpful that Polina allows you to join her sessions... not only do you get to talk about what went on, you get to see it unfold, which helps tremendously. We are very fortunate!"

"Polina was a godsend for my family. My 2-year-old was an extremely picky eater, and it was really stressing us out. Polina effectively eliminated the negativity that we all came to associate with mealtime. My daughter started trying everything from Brussels sprouts to cauliflower. Polina is very knowledgeable in her field."

I.N., parent of a veggie lover

Members of the ND Collective Share Their Journeys

Real Stories, Real Success

D.P., parent of an ADHD child

"Polina is a wonderful and warm therapist with a unique approach to children’s therapy via play. Polina has helped with language and behavior and has provided us with tools to make sure our child is successful in all settings. She has an amazing understanding of child development."

Leslie, parent of a newly
confident eater

"My son struggled with feeding for many months before we found Polina. [Her] approach changed his whole attitude toward food. And she taught me how to replicate her approach at home, carefully explaining how she did things and why they worked. He is now a greedy eater. We are so grateful!"

How the ND Collective Empowers You and Your Child

Hours of research condensed into actionable 60-minute presentations.

LIVE masterclasses:

At the ND Collective, you'll receive research-backed insights, techniques, and knowledge about raising neurodivergent children. 

60-minutes to bring clarity into your parenting

Get lifetime access to Masterclass recordings.

Feel empowered to advocate for your ND kids.

Rest in the confidence of your knowledge.

Conquer the overwhelming responsibility of raising a ND child.

Interactive Q&A session: 

Get your pressing questions answered, ensuring personalized support for your unique challenges. Engage directly with our experts immediately following each masterclass.

All your questions answered by a leading expert

Held in a private, non-recorded, intimate space.

Get tailored advice for your specific challenges

Build a toolbox of practical solutions.

Learn from other parents' questions.

Ease your daily struggles.

Supportive community:

You're here to be empowered. This community connects parents navigating the complexities of neurodiversity, sharing experiences and offering mutual support.

Find resiliency in togetherness

Join a community of parents who celebrate their kids' strengths.

Receive support from other like-minded members.

Navigate the ND maze with confidence.

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Meet Your Host

Polina Shkadron is a trauma-informed speech-language pathologist, family communication and feeding expert specializing in families living with Autism, ADHD, Language and Literacy difficulties. 

Polina holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Education. Polina has coached hundreds of ND families over the past decade in her successful practice in NYC. Polina has been honored with four ACE awards from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association for her dedication to learning.

“My approach is unique in that I use the latest play and brain-based research to foster understanding and deeper connections, laying the foundational principles of healthy development. The secret to happier ND families is to promote self-efficacy in both the parents and the children.” - Polina


What is the ND Collective?


The ND Collective is a supportive community led by Polina Shkadron, offering live masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and a wealth of resources for parents and guardians of neurodivergent children.

Who can benefit from joining the ND Collective?

Parents, educators, and guardians of neurodivergent children looking for expert guidance, support, and practical strategies will find the Collective immensely beneficial.

What types of resources are available?

Members have access to a range of resources including guides, eBooks, and pre-recorded materials, all tailored to the needs of ND children.

How are the live masterclasses conducted?

Masterclasses are held online, allowing members to join from anywhere. They include interactive sessions with Polina Shkadron and guest experts in the field of neurodiversity.

Is there personalized support available?

Yes, through Q&A sessions and the community platform, members can receive personalized advice and share experiences with others in similar situations.

Can I cancel my membership if needed?

Yes, you can! We understand that circumstances change, and flexibility is key. Our members have the freedom to cancel their subscription at any point. Whether you're on a monthly or annual plan, you can cancel at any time without being charged for the next billing cycle. Plus, if you cancel within the first 30 days of joining, you're eligible for our 30-day money-back guarantee. We're here to make sure that being a part of our Collective is always right for you.


We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your membership within the first 30 days, we provide a full refund.

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