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Polina Shkadron is a trauma-informed speech-language pathologist, family communication and feeding expert specializing in families living with Autism, ADHD, Language and Literacy difficulties. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from CUNY Queens College where she has held the position of Adjunct Lecturer for 7 years. She also has a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Education from American University, which has transformed the feeding therapy aspect of her practice. During her career, Polina has earned four ACE awards from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association for her dedication to learning.

She coaches parents and children by using the latest play and brain-based research to foster understanding and deeper connections, laying the foundational principles of healthy development. Polina approaches each family dynamic from a holistic perspective, acknowledging challenges, examining the environment, and focusing on promoting self-efficacy in both the parent and the child.

Polina Shkadron

more ABOUT ME:

On a personal note, I am the daughter of an immigrant family. I know what it's like to need to feel seen, heard and understood. I am incredibly passionate about each client as an individual, creating a safe, nurturing space for self-expression and growth. In the words of Angela Duckworth, "Those fortunate people who do see their work as a calling - as opposed to a job or a career - reliably say 'my work makes the world a better place.' And it's these people who seem most satisfied with their jobs and their lives overall." I'm here to show you that your child can have that deep connection now and in the future. This is my calling!

How We Help


With my extensive background in language development and certifications in family trauma and ADHD, I integrate the neurology of play with executive functioning capacities. Parent coaching allows me to make a bigger impact, especially for neurodiverse children who need support in communication and emotional regulation. The DIRFloortime® model enables us to understand the internal state of your child, within the context of the family unit. We design bespoke therapeutic plans to build confidence and empower children and parents to create lasting change. The philosophy of the practice is holistic and dynamic, giving your child everything they need to succeed.

We specialize in autism, attention and executive function difficulties, behavior and emotional challenges, language disabilities and restrictive eating patterns. We live and love the play perspective and what it offers as we expand comprehension, cognitive development, and communication abilities. Through parent coaching sessions and collaborative efforts with educators and other professionals, we increase awareness, ensure consistency, and teach invaluable tools.

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